Darkness, true light

For years I kept finding myself in darkness because I kept following the light of others blindly. I found within myself, self hate which filled the void. Hate takes up next to no volume and can be endlessly compressed leaving more room for more hatred….


rising sun

Light is darkness. Within darkness is where light is found. Forever be illuminated by looking within one’s own darkness. Ignoring one’s own light, blindly leads one to following the light of others. The light guides you, while the light of others, leads you on a path that is not your own.

We all have our own path to follow. Given the situation that the light being followed changes directions, one will find themselves lost in darkness. Provided that one does not look within and follow one’s own personal guide, one will find themselves following the next orb of light being shone upon them. The light of somebody else will only temporarily illuminate one, leading down a path that could lead miles away from one’s own. This is to follow blindly. It is one sure way to dig a big depressive hole which cannot simply be climbed out from.

Temporary light is found within the darkness of others and is recognised as a thing we humans call love. Seeking the light of others sets a habit as well as a scale of comparison that only creates self-perpetuating jealousy, and self-hatred. Then begins a cycle of abusive relationships because one will seek validation from whoever’s light is being followed. Without it, the feeling of emptiness replaces the light of that person, which once filled the seeker. Then the search for light starts again. The good news is, the cycle can be broken by searching within. Convert judgement of past mistakes into acceptance of past lessons. This is true wisdom, knowledge of self. Become grateful for those lessons instead of being angry and filling the inside with self-hatred. This is unconditional love of self. This is true happiness and it requires self-validation. Validation from the only person, one truly is in control of. No strings attached. No puppetry. No clever tactics of manipulation. A direct relationship of cause and effect, the law of karma. No negative consequence. Only true information.

One might need to forgive themselves for bad past actions. This can only be achieved by accepting the lesson, and liking the fact that a positive lesson was drawn from the act and the following experiences. Cause and effect. The law of karma. Just like there is day and night, people have periods of light and darkness. The first step to removing from the mindset, judgement of others the acidic nutrient which cultivates a garden full of hate, is to recognise the darkness inside, as light. This all leads to unconditional self-love. Once found, it can be used to guide others who are in darkness. Guide others towards their own light. Shepherds tend to draw people away from their own light. That is selfish, and is usually done with the intention of filling their own darkness by controlling others.

See, technically, darkness is the absence of particles from which the common idea referred to as light, is reflected. So darkness is light. If one is empty, the light has nothing from which to be reflected. If one is whole, illumination is inevitable. Become whole instead of following in the light you see in others.