Becoming Mindful, not Emotional

Ever wake up of a morning on the wrong side of bed? Try putting the left side of your bed against the wall so each morning you get up on the right side of bed… If only it was so simple…

I know that waking up in a bad mood can make the entire day seem like an eternity of emotional reactions, one after the other. How do we stop reacting and start responding? There is a way! You don’t have to understand quantum physics to make changes at the quantum level. This is the supernatural ability within us all!

Follow this space for more to come on how you can understand how we all have the power for our minds to manipulate energy, in both a positive and negative way.


Author: Matt Heggs

Self educated blogger with a natural interest and drive towards Philosophy and Psychology. Studied Accounting but dropped out due to my disgust of capitalism and how Accountants support the world of capitalism, most which do it unknowingly. My goal is to be an undergraduate of Bachelors in Psychology starting the second semester of 2017.

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